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Welcome to my Tranny Porn Blog, this is where you can keep up to date with the hottest porn stars and hardcore scenes from the most popular tranny porn sites around the web.

Gorgeous Tranny Renata Daniele Fucks Horny Couple

April 1, 2010
Renata Daniele was picked up one night by a female, hoping to get her pussy fucked by a shemale. Thinking she was just going home with her, the sexy shemale soon gets introduced to the young chicks husband. No matter though, Renata Daniele is horny as fuck and soon starts to rub the studs cock through his pants. She pulls it out and the gorgeous tranny and wife take turns in sucking and tugging on his cock. He does not realize that Renata Daniele has a cock and testicles until her puts his hand up her skirt to search for a vagina. He is shocked but you can tell he loves it, they both get hard cocks and start fucking the young wife. He is having a great time watching Renata Daniele sticking her tranny cock inside his wife, he goes behind the shemale and puts his hard cock inside her tight anal passage. The sexy dark haired wife loves the experience, they both suck the husbands dick until he blows a load of cum that the two ladies swap while they are kissing. The good looking husband is proud to say, a tranny banged my wife.

Large Black Dick Fucking Tranny Beauty Carla Novaes

March 30, 2010
large-black-dick-fucking-tranny-beauty-carla-novaes A young black man was doing some garden work for the day to get paid, he looked up and was lucky enough to see the sexy Carla Novaes strolling through the garden. It is a warm day and she isn't wearing much at all, not thinking anyone is around, she removes her top to reveal her exquisite shemale tits. The young man takes the opportunity to stroll over, and without a word start playing with her amazing breasts. It does not stop there, Carla Novaes starts to get horny as fuck and they both get naked. The gorgeous shemale starts to suck his cock nice and slow, as he gets harder and harder, he bends Carla Novaes over and slides his big cock inside her. He just warming up but he is pounding hard, getting his black dick deep inside her asshole. They both get hot and sweaty while fucking outdoors, and Carla Novaes is willing to fuck in any position. I love it when he slides the condom off and jerks of a load of cum all over her stunning boobs. You really need to check out more of Carla Novaes fucking over at Shemales Get Fucked.

Lucky Young Man Fucking Tranny Porn Star Kalena Rios

March 29, 2010
lucky-young-man-fucking-tranny-porn-star-kalena-rios Here is an earlier video of Kalena Rios that I absolutely love, she just seems to get sexier every time I see her. This movie is from 4 years ago now but is still one of my favorites, I have to say anything with Kalena Rios is in my favorite videos and pics. A lucky young stud here has the lucky job of putting his hard cock inside this sexy shemales mouth and asshole, I love the smooth action Kalena Rios has when she wraps those tranny lips around his cock. He bends her over and slowly inserts his finger into her asshole, he then slides in his throbbing cock. I love the sounds she makes as his cock slide in and out, her tranny tits are so beautiful as they jiggle while she gets pounded. The young man flips Kalena Rios around in several positions so he can get his cock deeper inside her tranny anal passage. This video is called "5 star cutie", I definitely think they have the title correct on this one!

Sexy Shemale Hooker Lila Gets Her Tranny Anal Pumped Hard

March 25, 2010
Sexy Lila loves being out late at night showing off her gorgeous body. While sucking down a cigarette, a nice looking young man spots her from his taxi and decides to stop. They start to chat and he explains that he is new to the city on business, walking towards his hotel room, he puts his arm around the shemale beauty. He is unaware that there is a lovely cock between her smooth legs, she begins to suck his cock for a while and then he asks Lila to get naked. He is shocked to see a cock on this hot chick, but this young man doesn't care at all and sucks on her marvelous shemale tits. He admires her body for a bit, then tells her to bend over where he shoves his hard penis inside her tranny anal passage. He really gives Lila a pounding, her tranny anal is tight and this guy is really getting his money worth. Lila is really a beauty and he cannot help spraying cum all over her soft shemale buttocks, when they are done he pays Lila a nice amount of cash for his night of pleasure with a sweet tranny.

Good Times Fucking Shemales At Tranny Cum Fun

March 24, 2010
tranny-cum-fun-review Here is something that you don’t see every day: trannies, gangbangs, bondage, and bukkake all combined into one site. If you are looking for this kinky combo, then you need to check out Tranny Cum Fun. The site is not only really unique in its genre, but delivers up some of the most creative shemale porn videos that I have ever seen. True, this type of content isn’t for everyone’s taste but fans will really appreciate all this hardcore action. Expect to see some very sexy shemale porn stars getting humiliated by groups of hard-cocked guys. The trannies usually get tied up and then are fucked with brutal force by 4+ guys. This is the type of hard pounding which makes a shemale’s ass turn red. As hot as the sex is, the point of these videos is cum fun. So, when the guys climax, the video is just getting started. You will see how the gorgeous shemales are force fed cum, made to lick jizm off the floor and get sticky showers while their mouths are held open. Tranny Cum Fun is small and doesn’t update but it is part of a huge tranny mega site so it is worth signing up to.

Young Wife And Lucky Husband Fucking Tranny Porn Star Carla Novaes

March 22, 2010
When the name of sexy tranny porn star Carla Novaes pops up, I just have to check it out and download for my collection. The Young stud Miguel goes hunting one nite, he cannot stop thinking of fucking tranny hookers and getting his sexy wife involved. He comes across the amazing Carla Novaes who is already horny as hell, he brings her back to his house for some hardcore fucking action. His wife does not suspect that the gorgeous lady with him is a shemale, but she loves it when Carla Novaes removes her skirt and reveals a large erect penis. Miguel is one lucky man, two ladies sucking on his cock and licking his balls, he does not know who to fuck first. He sticks his cock into Carla Novaes with a grin on his face, he moves her forward so Carla can slide her cock into her doggystyle. The cock sucking and fucking action here is hot and heavy, Miguel is a stud and sexy Carla Novaes is one fucking tranny you want to see having sex anytime.

Loads Of Soaking Wet Fun At Tranny Cum Squirting

March 18, 2010
tranny-cum-squirting-review Just the name of this site intrigued me: Tranny Cum Squirting. At first, you might think that this refers to cumshots. As much as we all enjoy watching the spunk burst from a hard shemale cock, this is something completely different. In these kinky and creative videos, sexy trannies get their asses tooled by giant cocks in bareback sex. Then, they stick up their round asses and let amazing squirts of cum shot out of their assholes. When I say amazing, I mean the type of spurts that would put geysers to shame. This extreme type of content may not be for everyone, especially once you see the kinky things that are done with the anal-mixed jizm blasts. Trannies detonate their filled assholes to frost birthday cakes before eating, drench the peeking maids, and much more. Unfortunately, Tranny Cum Squirting is really small which isn’t really a surprise considering the genre. After all, it is difficult to find trannies who will do bareback anal sex scenes and not many assholes have this kind of propelling force. As part of a huge mega pass though, this site makes a great addition and is worth checking out.

Thays Schiavinato Gets Her Vanilla Tranny Asshole Pounded

March 17, 2010
thays-schiavinato-gets-her-vanilla-tranny-asshole-pounded Here is one vanilla skinned tranny porn star that anyone would love to lick all over, Thays Schiavinato loves sex and she is definitely an asset to the shemale porn world. One luck guy here has the pleasure of ramming his cock in and out of her tight little asshole. He forces her to suck his cock for a while until it is ready to shove deep into her anal passage. Thays Schiavinato loves the taste of dick in her mouth, she gladly spreads her legs wide open when told and takes that hard dick deep inside her. As he moves his swollen penis in and out of the sexy shemale, he slides his hand over her neck and lightly chokes her. Thays Schiavinato is loving it and can really feel his cock going very deep inside her, the action is hot and boy does he have a nice load of cum for her. Not only does Thays Schiavinato like the taste of cock, she enjoys the feeling of cum on her tongue, she does not get dissappointed with this stud.

Stud Bareback Fucking Tranny Porn Star Isabelly Ferraz

March 16, 2010
stud-bareback-fucking-tranny-porn-star-isabelly-ferraz Latina goddess Isabelly Ferraz is simply beautiful my friends, she has amazing round shemale breasts and body that is nice and toned. She turned up to this porn shoot horny as fuck, she knew what she was here for and wanted to fuck straight away. The lucky young stud here was overjoyed and the mention on fucking tranny porn star Isabelly Ferraz got him horny as fuck. He strips the sexy shemale out of her clothes as he sucks on her marvelous nipples, running his hands over her smooth body. It does not take long for him to moisten up her tight asshole ready for a hardcore fucking. He slides his cock up inside her and slowly starts pounding away, he is horny as fuck to and ready to explode inside her. Isabelly Ferraz wants him to hold the cum shot until she can take it on her body, he continues to fuck while holding on to the explosion. The young man cannot hold it for too long, Isabelly Ferraz is just so fucking sexy with those white stocking on and her massive tits bouncing around. He does do as she asks, not only does he give her a super hardcore fucking but he sprays a nice load of cum all over her sexy breasts. God I love seeing a nice load of cum drip over some hot fucking tranny tits, Isabelly Ferraz has boobs that are perfect for a heap of semen.

Sexy Tranny Porn Star Aline Santos Swaps Cum With Suzy Gleice

March 15, 2010
Now here are two sexy ladies that love to get horny guys out of their pants. Aline Santos and Suzy Gleice are so fucking hot, today they have found that lucky stud that is going to have an amazing tranny threesome. He gladly sucks on their marvelous shemale tits and his cock gets hard as a rock. Both ladies move their heads down and start sucking his cock and licking his balls, Aline Santos takes the large dick right down her throat and almost gags on the solid meat. the stud can hardly hold himself back and starts fucking Suzy Gleice in the ass while she moves her head back and sucks on the lovely tranny cock on Aline Santos. They take it in turns riding the lucky mans dick and putting their beautiful shemale lips all over it. As they continue to suck and fuck, a large load of cum sprays into both their mouths, Aline Santos then slides her cum covered tongue into the mouth of Suzy Gleice and they spit it back and forth. One movie I recommend you have in your collection of shemale flicks.

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